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Art Project Celebrates Local History, Seeks to Bring Communities Together ,

I’m really fortunate to be an ambassador to this great project dedicated to parks and history in Downtown Oakland. Read more about the 10,000 Steps project here.



Fresh Produce in West Oakland? ,

Yes, it’s true Mandela Foods has arrived! To read the scoop, check out this SF Business Times article here.


Shift Across America ,

This past Tuesday (5/26/09) a few of us from Oakland Grown met up with Joe Graft of 10% Shift to talk about the work we are doing to support independent Oakland based businesses. This is Joe’s attempt at modern storytelling about the folks out there that he is taking the time to videotape while asking 5 very telling questions over the next three weeks. He’s calling this a snapshot of our movement of informing any and everyone who will listen what shifting as little as 10% of your spending to local, independent and as sustainable as possible goods and services can directly affect your community. Check out his blog by using the link above or better yet join the Shift Across America Facebook page here.