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Oakland Tries to Stir Nightlife by Shaking Up Cabaret Laws ,

Peter McCollough for The Wall Street Journal

Would be interestingto hear feedback from this article -TTR

The Wall Street Journal San Francisco Bay Area  By Bobby White

OAKLAND — This city wants to heat up its nightclub and bar scene by relaxing local cabaret laws that govern its late-night venues. That’s raising safety concerns in a town that already has a reputation for crime.

Andrew Jones is one of those who’s concerned. Mr. Jones, a service manager for the Downtown Oakland Association and Lake Merritt/Uptown Association, says the city has to get a handle on its crime problem — such as shootouts and robberies — before it expands its club scene.

“The city wants to attract hundreds of new people to party here, but it hasn’t solved the problem of how to keep them safe,” says Mr. Jones. “It just doesn’t make much sense.”

But some city officials and club owners see a chance to generate business in a city hit hard by the recession — Oakland’s unemployment rate was 16.8% in November — by attracting more late-night crowds.

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