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More Bands Are Chasing Fewer Bucks ,

East Bay Express

This article as well as the comments paint an ominous picture of what is happening to the Bay Area and Oakland indie music scene. Well, at least what is left of it…

Support your independent music venues and music stores. Their existence depends on us. -TTR

EastBayExpress.com by David Downs     Additional Reporting by Kathleen Wentz

There’s music everywhere. Money? Not so much.

In these tech-savvy, DIY times, the spectrum of a band’s economic options has widened to include more ways of doing business. Bands can write, record, distribute, and market music globally for next to nothing. If you’ve got the hooks, the Internet can make you a big fish fast. But that doesn’t necessarily translate to more dollars. In fact, if anything, it’s become even harder for bands to make a living.

Read the article here


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