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Huge thanks to all who gave to the Blogoaksphere Food Drive! ,

Filed under: Community Wealth and Ownership,Food and Drink,Leaders and Activists,News — Tina Tamale Ramos @ 12:36 pm

ABetterOakland.com by V Smoothe

If you didn’t donate earlier this month, and are now wishing you had, go for it! The Food Bank set a goal of raising a total of $200,000 from their virtual food drive for the holiday season, and right now, they’re only at $123,541.53. So please, help if you can.

I also want to extend a huge thanks to all the bloggers who participated in the virtual food drive, either with posts asking their readers to donate or by placing donation buttons on their sidebars (and in several cases, both). It feels so nice to do something together. I’m hoping that next year we can do it again (or maybe pick a different cause to raise money for, who knows) and have even more blogs participate! Anyway, big thanks to participating blogs Living in the O, Future Oakland, City Homestead, Today in Montclair, Rebuilding Oaktown, Diary of an Oakland Shopgirl, Back to Oakland, Oakland Grown, and Welcome to the Prescott-Oakland Point Neighborhood. I was totally terrified when I first set up the virtual food drive that nobody would donate and no other blogs would want to do it, so getting so much participation just thrilled me. Thank you all so much!

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