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This month’s AMIBA newsletter: beer, national survey results and more!



May Indie Business News and Tools from AMIBA

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Erin Kilmer Neel
Program Officer
One California Foundation
510.663.2253 x302

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From: American Independent Business Alliance [mailto:news@AMIBA.net]
Sent: Tue 5/24/2011 1:28 PM
To: Erin Kilmer-Neel
Subject: May Indie Business News and Tools from AMIBA

**NOTE:** Apparently a word combination in our April newsletter triggered some spam filters–if you missed this news-packed issue, [you can catch up here](http://mim.io/c56a01). To view or forward this newsletter as a web page [click here](http://mim.io/e1a221).

Ideas and Action from Local Alliances

**The Importance of Routine Media Coverage**
While local groups should not bombard local media with trivial news releases, it’s important to build relationships with reporters that can generate coverage even when you lack urgent news. Brief mentions of your organization’s ongoing work, like [this item](http://www.citizen.com/news/laconia_region/article_f7d8bc98-8103-11e0-a5eb-001a4bcf6878.html) on the Belknap (NH) IBA, breed familiarity and trust that will help attract and retain members. Strive to keep your group visible or audible in all local media outlets.

Of course, this applies to individual businesses as well. Familiarity breeds trust that in turn influences consumer decisions (often unconsciously). This is one reason local businesses benefit from their membership in a local IBA and can reap benefit from locals knowing your group’s collective brand, even when they are not familiar with a specific business.

**Remote Sales Tax Reform**
Members of Stay Local! in New Orleans testified in support of HB 544, a bill to eliminate the sales tax exemption enjoyed by Amazon.com, Inc. in their state. The bill [unanimously passed](http://www.shreveporttimes.com/article/20110524/NEWS11/105240317/Internet-sale-tax-collection-measure-advances) the House Ways and Means Committee on May 23 and soon will go to a full House vote. (Check out Stay Local’s [events page](http://staylocal.org/events/) to get an idea of why they’re making a big impact in New Orleans.)

After South Carolina denied a sales tax exemption to Amazon.com (see  our [April newsletter](http://mim.io/c56a01)), critics said the state would be driving business away ("no one will even look at coming here for 10 years." said one overwrought official). Try 10 days. A plan for a major new facility was promptly unveiled by Amy’s Kitchen, and Michelin announced a $200 million expansion that will add 270 jobs — without tens of millions in subsidies demanded by Amazon (Walmart also announced plans for several more stores). Despite that, South Carolina [reversed course](http://www.unconflictedsc.com/2011/05/whats-value-of-our-advocacy-how-about.html) and granted Amazon an exemption after the corporation nearly doubled its promised new job count to 2,000.

**Tapping Local Creativity**
Homegrown El Paso is tapping into local talent by conducting a design contest for their new Go Local t-shirt. The winning design (chosen through public voting on their [Facebook page](http://facebook.com/HomegrownElPaso)) will win $300. Shop Local Raleigh plans a similar contest.

New at AMIBA

**AMIBA Welcomes New Interns**
The next time you call our office, you might hear a new voice. Kelsey Lindquist is assisting with fundraising to allow us to expand the support we provide local alliances and organizers and the public. Alex Kelsey will be helping both AMIBA and local affiliates enhance their marketing. Both women attend Montana State University here in Bozeman.

May Additions to Member Resources
Links to AMIBA web pages in this section are accessible only to affiliates. You must [login](http://www.amiba.net/members) before clicking!

**The Results of 2010 Survey Are In!**
Thanks to Stacy Mitchell of the New Rules Project for executing a survey of all AMIBA affiliates and to all those who responded. [The results](http://www.amiba.net/members/operations/iba-survey-2011) provide a snapshot of IBA development from start-up into maturity and provides many useful benchmarks to evaluate the progress of your group. The 43 (of 70) current affiliates that completed the survey in April reported 11,755 members among them.

**New Affiliate Benefit**
A strong email marketing service can help local groups improve the appearance of their communications, make list management easy and yield valuable data on readership and usage. We’ve been thoroughly impressed by the ease-of-use, features and the customer support of our provider, MadMimi, so we’ve partnered with them to provide a great deal for AMIBA affiliates: – _free_ email marketing for up to 500 contacts and reduced monthly rates for larger lists. Click [here](http://www.amiba.net/members/operations/madmimi) for details.

If you’re not an affiliate, it’s a great [service](http://madmimi.com) at their normal rates, too. (If you plan to use MadMimi and would like to help AMIBA at the same time, please contact us.)

**New sample advertisements** added to the [ads collection](http://www.amiba.net/members/branding/ads). We aim to expand this collection dramatically, so we’re asking every IBA : please send us your best examples to showcase!

News Briefs

**Micro-Breweries Gain Market Share**
While growth in overall beer sales in the U.S. was nearly flat from 2009 to 2010, small independent breweries gained 7.6 percent of all U.S. beer sales in 2010, a large increase from their 6.9 percent share in 2009. The overall number of microbreweries is now the greatest since 1900! The [Brewers Association](http://www.brewersassociation.org/pages/media/press-releases/show?title=brewers-association-reports-11-percent-volume-growth-for-u-s-craft-brewers-in-2010) has all the details.

Even if you’re not a beer aficionado, it’s worth toasting the news–microbreweries employ more people than mega-breweries and are far more likely to source ingredients from local farms and businesses.

**Small Business Advocates Urge President to Sign Disclosure Order, Curb Political Influence in Contracting**
AMIBA, the Main Street Alliance and the American Sustainable Business Council jointly endorsed a proposed electioneering disclosure requirement for federal contractors while calling for stronger action to help prevent campaign contributions from corrupting procurement. [Read more](http://www.amiba.net/news/federal_contracting_disclosure).

**Massachusetts Moves Its Money**
The state will move much of its cash reserves from large national banks to local community banks with the understanding that these institutions will use the deposits to increase lending to small businesses.  See [this New Rules project report](http://www.newrules.org/banking/rules/depositing-public-funds-local-banks/depositing-public-funds-local-banks-massachusetts) for more.

**National TV  Ads for Small Businesses?**
Are you a small business with a national customer base? You may never have considered the possibility of running television ads nationally, but it’s now a real possibility. Video explanation [here]().

**More Home Buyers Seeking Walkable Business Districts**
[A recent survey of agents](http://finance.yahoo.com/news/Coldwell-Banker-Real-Estate-iw-2799650463.html) by real estate firm Coldwell Banker yielded results that should provoke discussion among local and state planners and policy-makers. Agents said 45% of clients are seeking homes closer to shops and services due to higher gas prices as part of increased interest in "urban living."

**Check Claims of "Buy Local" Marketers**
Unfortunately some companies seeking to market to or through Independent Business Alliances claim connections with AMIBA or other affiliates that are exaggerated or false. Some IBAs report the Austin, Texas-based Go Local Card claims to partner with the Austin Independent Business Alliance (AIBA) and that AIBA has benefited from sales of the card. In fact, the AIBA has no connection with the Go Local Card.

**New England Localization Advocates Gather June 3**
The New England Local Business Forum invites all indie business allies to their regional gathering in Cambridge, MA on June 3. Get the details and RSVP [here](http://Nelbf.org).

Discuss localization issues, share ideas, ask questions

Those are some of the purposes of the LinkedIn group for indie business advocates. The most active discussion this week: Should corporations enjoy the same political speech rights as citizens? [Visit the group](http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Buy-Local-Independent-Groups-Advocates-1855102?mostPopular=&gid=1855102) and meet your peers!

Share this newsletter with your colleagues by forwarding or with [this url](http://mim.io/e1a221) (if you’re not yet a subscriber, see the form on our [home page](http://amiba.net) to get future editions delivered to by email). For more timely news, check out our [Facebook page](http://www.facebook.com/theAMIBA?sk=wall).
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Online Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) Classes Exclusively for OG Members! ,

Hello Current & Potential Oakland Grown Members,

In preparation for your holiday marketing, we have partnered with several local organizations to provide social media workshops especially for Oakland Grown and Oakland Unwrapped! members as an additional member benefit – starting next week and going through the 2nd week of November.

There are

1)      Free introductory sessions

2)      A series of hands-on paid workshops ($75) each on the following topics:

a.       Top 3 ways to boost your online presence

b.      How to use Facebook to market your business effectively

c.       Top Tips for Social Media Selling for the Holidays (Advanced)

Most classes are limited to 15 people, so I expect registration to fill up quickly. Read below for dates and details.

Oakland Grown membership is required to participate in these classes. For membership information, cost and application please visit the Oakland Grown Member Page here.

Locally yours,

Tina Ramos

OG Content Manager                                                                                                                                          oaklandgrown@omlf.org


In partnership with Oakland Unwrapped!, Oakland Grown, and The Oakland Merchants’ Leadership Forum, Oakland Local’s experienced training team is now offering workshops specifically for small businesses. Find out how to make marketing online a powerful—and cost effective—way to get more customers, make more sales, and run simple but powerful marketing program through this series of affordable workshops.

PART I – Free introductory class –  Learn about marketing your business with social media
What is social media?  How can you use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Yelp , etc, to inexpensively promote your business or service, connect with new and get more business from existing customers? This introductory session will show you what’s out there in the social media landscape and what it could mean for you—and what classes will take your marketing to new levels BEFORE the holiday season.
Instructors: Cynthia Mackey, Susan Mernit, Kwan Booth, Amy Gahran

Class times (register for one):

1)      Oct 20 Evening – 6:30-8:00pm
La Borinqueña Mex-icatessen
582 7th Street, (between Jefferson & Clay Streets),
Old Oakland, CA 94607

2)      Oct 22 Morning – 7:30-8:30am
268 14 Street (between Alice and Harrison Streets), Oakland, CA 94612

3)      Oct 25 Evening – 6:30-8:00pm
268 14 Street (between Alice and Harrison Streets), Oakland, CA 94612

REGISTER FOR FREE CLASSES: http://oaklandlocalacademy.eventbrite.com/

PART II – Top 3 Free Ways To Build Or Enhance Your Online Presence
Can your customers find you online? What happens when they search for your business? Do you have a Google profile, a Yelp page, and a Facebook page that come up in the results? Do you KNOW what comes up when people search for you?  This is a basics class for only 15 students, very hands-on, that will get you started with an online identity. If you have a laptop, bring it to class.
Cost: $75
Capacity: Classes hold 10-15 people.
Instructors: Susan Mernit & Kwan Booth, Oakland Local
Date: November 1st Evening – 6:30-8 PM,
Location: TechLiminal, 268 14 Street (between Alice and Harrison Streets), Oakland, CA 94612
Register: http://oaklandlocalacademy2.eventbrite.com

PART III – How to use Facebook to market your business effectively
Over 200 million Americans are on Facebook today. And usage is growing not only with young people, but also with people over 40—the fastest growing Facebook usage segment. Facebook Fan pages are free and allow you to reach thousands of people with your brand, offer, product and message.  This hands-on class will show you how to create a Facebook fan page for your business and how to use it for marketing and sales in a time-efficient fashion. This is an intermediate class for only 15 students, very hands-on. If you have a laptop, bring it to class.
Cost: $75
Capacity: Classes hold 10-15 people.
Instructors: Kwan Booth & Susan Mernit, Oakland Local
Date: November 4th Evening – 6:30-8 PM
Location: TechLiminal, 268 14 Street (between Alice and Harrison Streets), Oakland, CA 94612
Register: http://oaklandlocalacademy3.eventbrite.com

PART IV – Top Tips for Social Media Selling for the Holidays
Holiday season is about to start. Find out how you can use Facebook and Twitter to increase sales & awareness this holiday season. We’ll look at some best practices & case studies, and offer strategies you can put to work at a low cost, right away. This is an advanced class for only 15 students, very hands-on. You should have a Twitter account and a Facebook page. If you have a laptop, bring it to class.
Instructors: Susan Mernit & Kwan Booth, Oakland Local
Cost: $75
Date: November 9, 6:30-8 PM
Location: TechLiminal, 268 14 Street (between Alice and Harrison Streets), Oakland, CA 94612
Register: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/929617511

About Oakland Local Workshops:
Oakland Local (oaklandlocal.com)  workshops are known for:
•    Hands-on, practical training
•    Ways to plan campaigns and measure results
•    Ways to integrate social media marketing strategies into your workflow—without spending tons of time
•    Workshop approach that honors the ways adults learn, are interactive, and engaging
•    Handouts you can use, for real
•    Ability to do follow-up calls with instructors



Groups get out the word to shop locally ,


Andrew S. Ross    Sunday, March 28, 2010

We’re excited at Oakland Grown to have been highlighted along with Buy Local Berkeley, San Francisco Locally Owned Merchants Alliance, Hometown Peninsula Independent Business Alliance, SFMade and the East Bay Express in this SF Gate article. Jeff Milchen, co-founder of the American Independent Business Alliance, recently brought together an amazing group of folks to discuss how to strengthen the collective power of our groups in the Northern California region.  I’m looking forward to participating in future gatherings. Read more about the who, what and why below.

~tina tamale


“Everyone there learned a lot from each other,” said Erin Kilmer-Neel, a board member of the Oakland Merchants Leadership Forum, which runs the recently begun Oakland Grown drive. “To find out how others structure their campaigns and solve certain problems was really helpful.”

How real?: The movement has a lot of believers. The independent business alliance, founded in 2001, has 65 affiliates and is working with dozens of other shop-local groups and, more recently, with independent trade organizations. “I think we’re seeing this escalate rapidly,” said the group’s director, Jennifer Rockne.

read more here


BREAKING NEWS: Oakland’s Arts Face Deep Cuts

East Bay Express Art / Breaking News / Business Kathleen Wentz —  Fri, Mar 26, 2010

And if the proposed 50 percent cuts are approved, it will undoubtedly put a strain on an already-strained arts community. “I don’t know what they’re thinking,” said Margo Dunlap, chair and co-founder of the Oakland Cultural Trust, an association of Oakland art organizations and artists, and executive director of Pro Arts, which receives funding through the program. “This is a time for trimming the budget, not for eliminating infrastructure. A 50-percent cut is one stroke from eliminating the entire program.”

read more here


Bank bailouts fuel Move Your Money campaign ,

Oakland Tribune  by Angela Woodall

Even though alternative outlets have benefited from government bailout money and pursued similar interests to the very banks from which they are trying to distance themselves, credit unions and community banks increasingly are hailed as a welcome alternative to the “too big to fail” institutions blamed for risky transactions that put their profits over their customers’ security.

read more here


Can Oakland Go the Distance?

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East Bay Express by Dan Schoenholz

After a 25-year hiatus, the Oakland Marathon returns next week with an eye-popping new route and a menu of race choices.

Longtime Oakland runners and the race organizers are optimistic, too. They see the Oakland Running Festival as an opportunity to promote both Oakland and running, and as a way to unify a community that is often divided by racial, economic, and geographic differences. Marathons are big events in many cities — New York and Boston, famously, but also Baltimore, Cincinnati, Houston, and countless others — and serve as a source of civic pride and unity. Why not Oakland?

read more here


Blue Bottle Coffee in Brooklyn Raises Brewing to a Science ,

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The New York Times   By Oliver Strand

While the coffee bar will start at full steam, the roaster, one of a growing number in New York, will begin slowly, with only five or so different types of coffee at first. (Around 15 are roasted in Oakland.) As production increases, Mr. Freeman wants the New York coffee to be suggestive of San Francisco.

read more here


4th Annual Oakland Indie Awards – It’s nomination time! ,

More info at http://oaklandunwrapped.org/indies/

Please take a few minutes to nominate the Oakland
business or artist(s) that inspired you this year.

Nominations Due by March 24

Click here

Save the date!
Come to the Awards Party May 14

Cheer on the winners as you enjoy food from
over 20 different Oakland restaurants, local beer, wine, tea,
coffee, and chocolate, DJ spinning Oakland music,
cool products from Oakland Unwrapped stores, and more!

Friday, May 14, 2010
5:30 – 9:00pm

Jack London Pavilion
(Formerly Barnes & Noble)
98 Broadway, Oakland


Early Bird Tickets
$15 each or 2 for $25

After April 1
$20 each

Buy Tickets here

Getting there:

Bike valet
by East Bay Bicycle Coalition

Available in Jack London Square

Accessible by Multiple AC Transit Lines

Docks at Jack London

Spread the Word!

Indie Awards on Facebook
Find the Indies on Facebook

Sponsor the Event!

Help support this inspiring event, and get
exposure in front of Oakland lovers, businesses,
nonprofits, policy makers, bankers, investors, and more!
See our sponsor details and packet here


Opportunities available prior to and day of event!
Contact Andrea Walker for more details.
510.663.2253 x301

Support the Oakland community when you shop
Oakland Unwrapped!: Oakland’s Online Marketplace

Thank you to our sponsors!


Consumers Buy Into ‘Buy Local’

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BussinessWeek.com   By Kimberly Weisul
More groups are forming to send shoppers to home-grown independent businesses. But their impact on jobs is hard to quantify

Advocates say that locally owned stores spend proportionately more on payroll than chains and that buying local will save jobs. Plus, for every $100 spent at a locally owned store, $45 remains in the local economy, compared with about $13 per $100 spent at a big box, according to research by the nonprofit Institute for Local Self-Reliance and Austin (Tex.) consulting firm Civic Economics. That’s because independents tend to do their purchasing locally, while chains usually centralize it from a head office.

Read more here